Our Philosophy

What we stand for:

We believe that every person is an integral part of nature and that the natural world cannot be separated from our bodies. Our interactions with nature are broad + diverse - whether it is deep cleansing breaths, eating fresh + delicious foods, or basking in the sun - our bodies are intimately tied to our surroundings.

We believe that health comes from being balance with your environment. And when we are out of balance, our health suffers. We develop illnesses and chronic pain. These indicate a severe imbalance in our bodies and in our lives.

Our Philosophy

We must find balance with the natural world

We believe that to be optimally healthy, we must find that balance with the natural world. It is through balance that the body is able to regenerate itself.

Every OMI product is designed to help our phsyical bodies reconnect and find harmony with nature — accelerating the regeneration and renewal process. We are excited to share our work with you and create a more balanced and healthier planet.

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