How to use the OMI PEMF Mat

There are two reasons why you are here – you are looking for an OMI PEMF mat or you have already purchased one. With the increase in the rate of different illnesses, having an OMI PEMF mat is significant in that it will improve your health, strengthen your immune system, avoid illnesses or unnecessary medication. Additionally, the PEMF mat will speed up recovery naturally without drugs. Over the years, PEMF has become a fast-growing trend in all-natural healthcare because it is all-natural and very effective. It can be used by people of all ages but it is most important for the elderly or anybody suffering from chronic illnesses, and/or living with low functioning decreased immune systems. Regular use of PEMF therapy will increase your strength and stamina.

Bemer vs. OMI PEMF

When it comes to PEMF, most people think about the Bemer mat. Beyond doubt, they are the most well-known brand on the market. Bemer has built up the market from the very beginning and made PEMF known to both health practitioners and the general public. The major disadvantage of the Bemer mat is that it’s ridiculously overpriced and is simply not affordable for the average people. The OMI PEMF mats and devices utilize the same PEMF technology and deliver the same benefits. The significant advantage of the OMI PEMF mat is that it costs just a fraction of the price of the Bemer mat. Despite their affordability, these mats are high in quality and are customized to numerous clinical publications on PEMF therapy, which makes them highly effective.

Tips on how to use the OMI PEMF Mat

The OMI PEMF mat is a full functionality PEMF full body mat. It comes with 8 built-in copper magnetic induction coils. The max field intensity is 220 micro, which is right in the middle of the most effective range as proposed by numerous clinical publications. The frequency is adjustable from 1 to 99 Hz. If you are new to the PEMF therapy, it is recommendable you start using it on Program 3 at a fixed 8 Hz frequency. Use it 10-15 minutes at a time and if possible repeat the treatment 3-5 times a day. After several days of using program 3, you can decrease the daily sessions to 1-2. It’s also recommended to drink a glass of water before PEMF treatment. In case you want frequencies and treatment times for a specific, please refer to the frequency chart up on our website. Frequency Chart

You may repeat the treatments in a row, however, we would recommend keeping 1, or 2 hours between two sessions. It is advisable to stick with the 8 Hz frequency because it is very natural and it has benefits on almost everything. For instance, it calms and energizes the body and it has strong pain relief effects. Moreover, it decreases any inflammations on the body.

Once you get used to the PEMF therapy, you can advance to Program 1. It pans through the most effective frequencies gradually from 1 to 30 Hz and back. Use it regularly for general wellbeing and boost your immune system.

OMI PEMF mat’s Program 2 is recommended if you want to give a boost to your energy. Program 2 runs through randomly in all frequencies from 1 to 99 Hz. It is important that you use such frequencies under instructions from a professional because some people may be sensitive to this and might feel dizzy during and shortly after the treatment.

Generally, the PEMF treatment is completely insensible. Most people do not feel anything during the treatment. Only a few may feel relaxing energy vibration. PEMF is highly effective in inducing and improving micro-circulation in the body, which is the basis of all self-regeneration processes. The pulsating magnetic field has a beneficial effect on electrically charged molecules and ions in the body and promotes cell metabolism.