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State of the art 2-in-1 air purificitaion and disinfectant device
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Our world is an incredibly beautiful place but dangerous at the same time, because we made it like that. In the past few decades everything changed around us at such a pace that it’s hard for the human race to keep adapting to it. Nowadays, air pollution is one of the main problems in our lives.House dust under microscope

Many might think that this problem only concerns big cities and that their immediate surroundings provide protection from it. They think that within their walls begins a whole other world. Without proper ventilation our homes are actually dust collectors that trap contaminants. Our modern and tightly shutting windows only enhance this effect. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, on the average

the air in our home is five times more polluted than a main street of any big city

and it may lead to several problems.

Air also contains harmful and unhealthy components, but during vacuuming only a small part of them get actually into the dust bag. Dust, is actually a mixture of several things, like dead skin cells, soot, pollen, animal and floral particles from bedclothes, organic and inorganic material and this mixture gets into the house and eventually into the body.

Highly recommended for people with weakened immune systems, for people suffering from chronic diseases and also for seniors.

EssencAir is a multifunctional device and its main feature is to clean the air of pollution and it also destroys bacteria when in disinfectant mode. During air purification the device sucks in and subsequently cleans the air in its environment. After that, it destroys bacteria that maybe found in the air by ozonic disinfection. The devices salt-filter makes the air a bit salty similar to that of salt mines and caves used for curative purposes.

Protect yourself and your family too!
There’s a solution to reduce dust and to purify the air in your home: this is essencAir!
logo of essencAir, the essence of clean air
essencAir 2-in-1 air purificitaion and disinfectant device
High voltage technology · Filters the air · Restricts pollutants · Eliminates smells
Generates negative ions · Operates quietly · Adjustable intensity · Natural salt therapy

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ESSENCAIR 2-in-1 Air Purifier and Disinfectant Device
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